Prepare my mind. Prepare my heart…

Welcome Strong Enough gals!

I’m so excited to launch this blog; it’s taken me a year, but hey, forgive!

This morning i woke up with this song on my heart: “i’m gonna be ready” by Yolanda Adams, and i think it’s quite fitting for the launch of this blog. I enjoy Yolanda’s songs- she really speaks to the core of my spirit, and she has been a great inspiration to me. She is a great role model for inspiring courage, patience, and strength.

As i begin this blog, i am currently in the midst of various BIG decisions- particularly, awaiting the result of my Fulbright application (which should come any day before the end of this month), and deciding where i want to be post-March career-wise. I’m currently working at PATH as a program assistant with the Diagnostics Group in the Technology Solutions department. This temporary assignment is expected to end in March, and there might be a possibility of extending my time with my teams. It’s been a blessing to work at PATH; I really enjoy my teams, and i’m looking forward to what the future holds. We’ll see what happens; Jesus is on the wheel 🙂 Once i hear back about the Fulbright, i’ll move forward with other explorations/decisions.

The purpose of this blog is to create an electronic/virtual space for my passion project, “Strong Enough Girls” (SEG), which aims to empower young women to “identify, embrace, and utilize their physical, mental, and intellectual strengths for a better, safer, and more loving world.” I welcome you to join me in this movement to transform women’s lives by becoming positive role models for each other and sharing words of advice, courage, and inspiration with one another as we journey through our time on earth.

Every week, I will be recruiting my friends to write on various topics, as well as, post various inspirational content geared towards SEG objectives of:

  • Elevating – girls, women, and their voices;
  • Illuminating – the inner and outer strengths of girls and women;
  • Promoting – self-awareness, confidence, courage, respect, dignity, love, education, and human rights.

I’m excited to kick this virtual space off! My prayer and hope is that every time you visit this blog, you find something that inspires you to have courage and be a better citizen of the world through finding and engaging your God-given strengths. Let’s go!

With a hug and smile,

Mizz “O”


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