Taking “breaks” in life

This morning, i decided to read (finally!) an article entitled “5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder” which i pulled up on my laptop two days ago… wow! Procrastination at work! The past couple of weeks have been physically and mentally draining for me, so i needed some stress relief.

Here are some tidbits i digested, and hope to put into practice this upcoming week:

  1. Take periodic breaks (roughly every 90 minutes). This allows your mind and body to renew.
  2. Spend time in nature.This allows your mind to fully relax and unwind and helps you focus longer when you return to work. Last week, a friend invited me to take a walk during my lunch break on a 60-degree Seattle day in March! OMG! We walked down to Lake Union (which is the closest park to both of our offices), and “boy, did i have a fabulous time!” (Onyinye slang) Taking the walk reminded me of the beauty of the city i live in. Hence, i hope to make this a weekly practice (when i’m not daunted by cloudy skies, rain, laziness, or a hectic work schedule).
  3. Move and work in blocks (aka Workstation Popcorn). Hmmm… i love this idea! I have found myself doing this at work. I often move away from my cubicle when i have lengthy reports to edit; i have found a nice space on the 4th floor of my office building. “The idea is that you set up at various cafés, workspaces, or pubs to get chunks of work done throughout the day. Workstation popcorn starts with a clear, thought out to-do list: you create a plan for what you will accomplish at each location so you can immediately jump into those tasks.”
  4. Check your email first thing. This is another idea i support. Though, you should do this wisely because it might make you anxious or dampen your mood (if it’s bad news). I usually try to avoid checking my personal e-mails if i am waiting to hear back about a big decision (eg. Fulbright). But, for work, i find that it is a good idea to check my e-mails in the morning to help me prepare for my day. This way, i know what meetings are on my calendar and projects requiring my attention for the day. Sometimes, i might even be able to address an emergency situation before i get to the office.

Well, those are some things i took-in from the aforementioned article. You should check out the article for more details. For now, i’m off to go “work smarter.”

Hasta la vista!

– Mizz “O”


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