Dr. Ada Igonoh: Ebola Survivor. Talk about an UNSHAKABLE Woman!

Dr. Ada Igonoh is a survivor!

Dr. Ada Igonoh is a survivor!

For the past month, i have had Dr. Ada Igonoh’s story of survival up on my laptop screen; it’s a long story, and i just finished reading her account of how she SURVIVED the Ebola virus! Last weekend, i had the opportunity to watch her and her husband discuss her story on the Nigerian talk show Seriously Speaking. I was moved by her words and presence, and particularly impressed by her husband as i could tell that he was a good man; sticking with her throughout the ordeal as he said he made a commitment when he married her “for better or worse.” Her story is one of the most powerful stories i have ever read. I was even moved to tears as i read her account; i can only imagine the type of strength and grace it took to combat the deadly disease.

I drank the ORS fluid like my life depended on it. Then I got a call from my pastor. He had been informed about my predicament. He called me every single day morning and night and would pray with me over the phone. He later sent me a CD player, CDs of messages on faith and healing, and Holy Communion packs through my husband.

I kept encouraging myself. This could not be the end for me. Five days after I was admitted, the vomiting stopped. A day after that, the diarrhea ceased. I was overwhelmed with joy. It happened at a time I thought I could no longer stand the ORS. Drinking that fluid had stretched my endurance greatly.

Dr. Igonoh’s story is nothing short of miraculous and inspiring. After reading her story (and Nick Vujicic’s story), i am a believer that miracles do happen. It just takes very strong Faith and determination to triumph. Dr. Igonoh is truly a Strong Enough Woman.

As I lay on my bed in that isolation ward, strangely, I did not fear for my life. I was confident that I would leave that ward some day. There was an inner sense of calm. I did not for a second think I would be consumed by the disease.

I know God brought Dr. Igonoh through this ordeal to fulfill His purpose for her, for Nigeria, and for the world. Somebody somewhere needs encouragement. Somebody somewhere needs to know that true, unshakable faith can see you through the valley of the shadow of death. Somebody needs to believe in God and community again.

I am soooo inspired by Dr. Igonoh’s story, and i appreciate her taking time to write down the lengthy post about her experience. Like she said, reading other survivors’ stories encouraged her to not give up. I am also deeply touched by her spiritual community that rallied around her by praying and sending scriptures and prayers to her phone. Her Pastor is a true example of a man of God, and her husband is the type of husband i wish every woman can be blessed with; a man who sticks by his wife’s side “for better or worse.”

God is still in the business of performing miracles. I’m a Believer.


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