Meet Our Visionary: Miss Onyinye Edeh

Onyinye means “gift” in the Nigerian language known as Igbo 🙂

  • Age: 26DSC_0027 copy
  • Current occupation: In transition; building Strong Enough Girls’ Empowerment Initiative (stay tuned)
  • Hobbies: Meeting people, traveling, being with friends, singing, attending conferences/meetings, watching “girlfriends,” worshipping God/Jesus, doing random and fun (but safe) shenanigans
  • Why I write for SEG: To challenge myself and improve my communication skills; but most importantly, to be an inspiration; a sort of “light in a dark world” and a guide to young girls and women
  • Words that describe me: Go-getter, passionate, leader, visionary, global health professional, philanthropist, a “girl’s girl,” avid networker
  • Nicknames: Oyoncé, Mizz “O”
  • Current Residence: Atlanta, USA

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