Because of them, we CAN

Because of them, we CAN

I came across this campaign while reading up on my Yahoo! news tonight; i’m re-inspired. Click the image for more information. Or, visit this website.


P.S: You have to check out this clip of Kids Doing a Tribute to The Cosby Show. #precious #goodol’days


Strong Enough… Why not us?!

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Russell Wilson exemplifies the “Why not us?” courage

“Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister.” – Romans 14:13 (NIV)

As i read through this verse in Romans 14 today, i was reminded of one of the reasons i started this SEG movement. I feel that we as women do not support and uplift each other enough. We often blame the men- men don’t allow women to talk, men always get the attention, men do this, they do that. But, how many times have we noticed women putting other women down? How many times do we say negative things about each other amongst ourselves?

This has got to stop! Especially if we want to improve the state of women in the world. We have to be cheerleaders of one another (GO You!). So what, if a woman wants to run for political office or become the CEO of her company? Or, even be a stay-at-home mom? She can do this! Bottom line for me has always been making sure she is happy with the decision(s) she makes. It’s her decision and her life; let God be her judge. Who are we to judge others? And, why not us? Why not us running a country, a company, a hospital, a school, or even competing in the Olympics?!?

Gals, we need to be there for each other; we need to toot our own horns! As i said on my Facebook wall yesterday (following the Seahawks victorious Super Bowl win):

“‘Hey, why not us?’
That’s a winning mentality!”

As we begin a new work week, i hope you reflect on Romans 14, particularly verse 13, and strive to be a better advocate for your fellow sisters and human.

Stay blessed.

Yay to a fabulous week!

With love,

Mizz O